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Incognita Receives an Alpha Trailer and Name Change; Now Called Invisible, Inc.

Category: Gaming
Posted: 04:24PM

Back in July of last year, Klei Entertainment announced its new game, a "turn-based tactical espionage" game entitled Incognita. As of today, the game is no longer called Incognita, but rather Invisible, Inc. According to a forum post, the name was changed after some focus testing revealed that Invisible, Inc. "was better received" than Incognita. I don't know what kind of focus testing was conducted, but so far the forum comments have revealed the exact opposite, and I personally agree with said comments – not only did Incognita sound cooler and more unique, there also happens to already be a game called Stealth, Inc., which is sure to stir up confusion.

On the bright side, Klei published an Alpha Gameplay Trailer alongside the name change, so at least non-early adopters can now get a glimpse of the game – which looks pretty epic, regardless of what Klei wants to call it.

You can currently purchase Invisible, Inc. for $16.99 (15% off) and get immediate Early Access to the game on Steam, or you can spend $19.99 (20% off) to get the game plus soundtrack.

Source: Official Site

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