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Pre-Order Bonuses Already Announced for Turtle Rock's Evolve

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Posted: 03:16PM

2K and Turtle Rock Studios officially announced Evolve today – though the unveiling had already been done last week – and the game is already available for pre-order at several outlets, with the pre-order bonuses also being revealed in the press release. The game costs $60 USD, regardless of platform, and pre-ordering provides the Monster Expansion Pack for free, which includes the Savage Goliath skin at launch and a new monster character as soon as it becomes available after the release of the base game.

If receiving an additional playable character with pre-order sounds familiar, you may recall that Borderlands 2 did that with the Mechromancer. While I absolutely love Borderlands 2, one has to wonder if that game set a bad precedent when it comes to DLC schemes. If 2K and Turtle Rock are going out of its way to advertise a free monster character with pre-order, that would imply that said monster character will be paid DLC for those that don't pre-order, which means it's also likely there will be additional paid DLC post-launch.

The problem with this isn't necessarily the inclusion of paid DLC, but rather the lack of information at this time. If the base game launches with ten monster characters to choose from, then having an additional monster character as DLC would not seem so bad. But what if it only launches with two or three (right now, we just know about one)? We also do not know how the game handles someone not owning a particular DLC – will a non-owner simply not have the monster character available to choose from, or will he or she not be able to face off against it as a hunter either?

It just seems very early for pre-order bonuses to be announced when we know so little about the game. I'm still excited to hear more about Evolve, but this bit of news has decreased my interest level slightly. From a PR perspective, I just don't think this was a smart move.

Source: Press Release and Official Site

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