Coin Mining Systems Released by iBUYPOWER

gebraset - January 14, 2014 08:46AM in Prebuilts

As crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin continue to thrive, consumers are looking for ever increasing ways to generate income by using their home computers. iBUYPOWER has now debuted coin mining systems that allow individuals to do just that. The new systems by iBUYPOWER feature powerful AMD graphics cards that crunch data in return for earning a wealth of various crypto-currencies. Darren Su, the Vice President and Co-founder of iBUYPOWER, stated that the company is highly interested in both coin mining and high-compute systems.

The new coin mining systems by iBUYPOWER are available immediately and offer several customizations for consumers at various price points.

Source: techPowerUp