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Evolve's Goliath is a Fire-Breathing, Rock-Throwing Gargantuan Beast

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Posted: 09:22AM

Last week, Game Informer unveiled Turtle Rock's Evolve as the February 2014 cover, and now the site has provided a first look at one of the alien creatures you can play as: The Goliath. The Goliath starts out as a mere ten-foot tall creature, but grows with each of his three evolutionary forms until he's into the 30s. He's bipedal, but uses all four limbs when in a sprint just like a simian does in real life.

The Goliath has four abilities: Flame Breath, Leap Attack, Charge Attack, and Rock Throw. Players choose any two abilities to start and are able to select an additional one with each evolution. To evolve, you can either nosh on some local wildlife or just devour some player-controlled hunters. It's probably safe to assume that doing the latter probably quickens the process, but that hasn't been stated.

Each attack has its strengths and weaknesses. The Flame Breath doesn't do as much damage upfront as the other attacks, but the continual damage over time (DoT) burn effect makes it quite useful. While that is mostly an offensive maneuver, the Leap Attack and Charge Attack are much more versatile – as I'm sure any MMO veteran would realize, both can be used to initiate attacks or chase down fleeing enemies, but can also be used as escape mechanisms when things get dicey. Lastly, the Rock Throw was actually added to the Goliath's arsenal to address a problem the dev team discovered during playtesting. Prior to that ability being added, "the hunters could lay mines and play a straight defense – effectively forcing the Goliath player to participate in his own inevitable demise." With the Rock Throw ability, the Goliath can now dig its claws into the ground to extract a boulder and deal massive damage to an enemy at range, along with stunning him or her.

While the Goliath certainly sounds like an interesting creature to both play as and against, it's just one of several the game will feature – though no exact number has been stated. As was previously stated, Evolve is set to release this Fall for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 – so we probably have awhile until every creature is unveiled. You can check out the first screenshots of the Goliath below, along with some concept art that shows the Goliath with four arms instead of the final version's two.

Source: Game Informer

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