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NVIDIA Unveils the Tegra K1 Mobile Processor; Packs 192-Core Kepler GPU

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Posted: 11:16PM

CES officially kicks off on Tuesday, but that doesn't mean some press conferences can't begin early. NVIDIA is one company holding an early press conference, and boy is it a good one. The graphics giant has unveiled the Tegra K1 mobile processor, which is a 192-core "super chip" that brings the power of Kepler to mobile. Yes, you read that right; the Tegra K1 brings the Kepler architecture (what powers the GTX 780 Ti) to the world of mobile computing. The Tegra K1 is offered in two varieties: a 32-bit quad-core (4-Plus-1 ARM Cortex-A15 CPU) and a 64-bit dual Super Core CPU designed by NVIDIA. This is the Project Denver CPU that offers "very high single-thread and multi-thread performance."

Regardless of which Tegra K1 chip you get, both feature that 192-core Kepler GPU capable of DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.4, and tessellation (as well as 4K resolution). That means it can run the upcoming Unreal Engine 4, which Epic CEO Tim Sweeney says: "We can take absolutely anything that runs on PC or on a console and run it on Tegra. The differences between the platforms is really blurred."

It also means the Tegra K1 is capable of the same graphical features as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as better performance than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Outside of gaming, there's support for NVIDIA CUDA for unheard of creative possibilities on mobile. Applications can run faster too, so something like speech recognition can now be even quicker. Energy efficiency is key for many people, which is why the Tegra K1 is better than any other mobile GPU at the same power level.

Be on the lookout for more news about the Tegra K1 as CES rolls on this week.

Source: Press Release

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