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Facebook Access Offered for Free by T-Mobile

Category: Mobile
Posted: December 23, 2013 03:58PM
Author: gebraset

GoSmart Mobile, which is owned by T-Mobile and marketed at individuals who want an inexpensive mobile solution, has tweaked its terms to allow Facebook to be accessed for free. Starting in January, even if customers do not subscribe to any plans that include data, Facebook is able to be accessed for free. Customers of the GoSmart mobile that do have mobile data included within their plan will not use any data when accessing Facebook services. The social networking service can be accessed via the Internet browser or through the dedicated Facebook application, to include Facebook Messenger. Current GoSmart Mobile customers can use the program without any setup starting in January of next year. New customers can access the program by buying a phone directly from GoSmart or by purchasing a GoSmart SIM for their GSM phone.

Source: CNET

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