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Gravity a Result of Entanglement?

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 09:39AM

Gravity is a very odd phenomenon, in part because we do not really know where it comes from or how it is able to affect spacetime the way it does. Further complicating matters is that the gravity described by the General Theory of Relativity is not compatible with quantum mechanics. Thanks to the recent work of other researchers, some at MIT have developed a new theory concerning worm holes and quantum entanglement, which may explain the source of gravity.

The recent work considered what would happen if two black holes were entangled, and then separated. The conclusion of that work was that a wormhole would form between them, allowing information to be shared by the two objects, no matter how separated they are. The MIT asked a similar question, but worked with quarks, which are sub-nucleonic particles, and what would happen if they were entangled and separated. The researchers first mapped this onto a four-dimensional space, representing the one we live in, but then determined what it would look like in a fifth-dimensional space. The result was a wormhole.

As wormholes are believed to be connected by gravity, and that gravity exists in five dimensions, this conclusion could suggest that gravity originates from quantum entanglement. Just the idea that entanglement leads to some kind of geometry suggests some interesting questions, but if it does indeed lead to gravity, then the answers could be far more intriguing.

Source: MIT

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