Three Additional Developers Join AMD's Mantle

Prunes - November 5, 2013 12:53PM in Video Cards

Good news for AMD fans, as the company today announced that three more developers will use AMD's new low level API called Mantle. Mantle should allow developers to better utilize AMD's graphics cards, thus making it possible to execute much more intense graphics. The three developers are Cloud Imperium Games, who made Star Citizen; Eidos Montreal, who made Deus Ex: Human Revolution and who are currently working on Thief; and Oxide Games, which was started by former Microsoft and Firaxis employees.

"AMD's Mantle will allow us to extract more performance from an AMD Radeon GPU than any other graphics API ... With Mantle, our team can spend more time achieving our perfect artistic vision, and less time worrying about whether or not today’s gaming hardware will be ready to deliver it." said Chris Roberts, CEO, Cloud Imperium Games.

Also, Edios-Montreal's studio head, David Anfossi, seems thrilled "Mantle lets you use AMD Radeon GPUs the way they are meant to be used, unlocking many new opportunities and increased CPU and GPU performance". 

Just how much improvement Mantle will provide has yet to be seen, but in theory is should allow for much more precise tweaking from the developers' side, which should benefit all gamers using AMD's cards.

Source: MaximumPC