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Bringing Genetic Analysis to a Device Near You

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 04:24PM

Our genetic code contains a great deal of information about us, including where our families are from and what diseases we are predisposed to. If you want to learn this information about yourself, you will have to use one of multiple services to sequence your genome, and wait for select results. Researchers at Tel Aviv University though want to change that by putting part of the analysis in the palm of your hand.

At present, when you have genetic tests done, only specific sequences are analyzed, and if you want some new tests run, you need to provide a new sample. The GeneG app and website however are being designed with a different approach in mind, where your entire genome is sequenced and stored to your profile. This way, new tests can just be applied to the existing data, without a new sample. Also this gives you and by extension your doctor quick access to your genomic data. As medicine goes advances towards pharmacogenomics, where treatments and drugs are customized to a patient's genetics, this could be an invaluable tool.

The researchers are planning to release the GeneG service to doctors this month and later to the public. The website and a demo app are presently available, for those curious about the subject.

Source: American Friends of Tel Aviv University

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