Gabe Newell Hints at SteamBox Announcement

CheeseMan42 - September 17, 2013 05:21PM in Gaming

Gabe Newell recently gave the keynote speech at Linuxcon and talked about his belief that "Linux is the future of gaming." He cites the Steam service as a prime example of this, as 198 games have been added for Linux since last spring. He further believes that "PC gaming is where the innovation is occurring, with the most interesting developments coming from open communities." Valve has supported an open sort of development for several of its games including Team Fortress 2, where users currently create more in-game content than Valve. He closes out his speech by saying that "Linux can act as the universal unifier of mobile, the living room and gaming. People want their systems to be simple to use and not be tied into hardware that forces them to buy consoles, controllers and games that only work on one system." A SteamBox console would likely be built upon a Linux based OS and could help to change the video game market at a time when consumers are getting ready for the next generation of traditional console systems.

Source: Tech Crunch