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ADATA Launches DDR4 SDRAM Modules

Category: Memory
Posted: 12:19PM

DDR3 SDRAM is the standard type of RAM used in today's computers, but its succesor is starting to appear. DDR4 SDRAM is the next generation of DDR SDRAM, and it brings with it some neat improvements. The DDR4 SDRAM is, at launch, expected to achieve data transfer rates up to 3.2 GigaTransfers per second (GT/s) at frequencies of up to 2133 MHz, while using just 1.2 volts. For comparison, DDR3 SDRAM uses between 1.5 to 1.65 volts and was expected to achieve 1.6 GT/s at 1333 MHz at launch. 

ADATA, a Taiwanese memory vendor, wants to be one of the first on the market, and it has therefore announced its first DDR4 SDRAM modules. They will be targeted at server and render farms that can take advantage of the improved data transfer rates, since servers often have to process huge amounts of data, and render farms often needs quick access to data stored in fast RAM. The reduction in power required will also make a noticeable difference, due to the scale of large servers and render farms. However, it might not be more than a year from now before first mover consumers will start to adopt DDR4 SDRAM. 

Source: Press Release

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