New Approach to Graphene-Based Electronics

Guest_Jim_* - September 4, 2013 05:01PM in Science & Technology

Behind every action performed by a computer are strings of zeroes and ones and circuitry that applies Boolean logic on them. While this form of logic has served us well, it is not the only kind of logic that could be used. Now researchers at the University of California, Riverside have found that it may be possible to employ a non-Boolean logic architecture to enable graphene-based electronics.

Graphene is an atom-thick sheet of carbon with extraordinary conductive properties, which would make it ideal for use in electronics. The problem is the material lacks a bandgap, which is a necessary characteristic of semiconductors for using Boolean logic. Instead of trying to force graphene to have a bandgap, the California researchers have instead suggested using non-Boolean logic and taking advantage of other properties of graphene, such as its negative differential resistance. This means that as you increase the current applied to the graphene, the voltage decreases.

This research represents a fundamental change in the approach to graphene research, as it examines how to utilize graphene, instead of changing it. It will be interesting to see how it develops alongside the research into manipulating graphene to have a bandgap.

Source: University of California, Riverside