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Balance and Decision-Making Linked

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 09:14AM

Every now and then I get a piece of news that is just different enough that it deserves to be shared. Researchers at Brigham Young University have recently discovered that wearing high-heeled shoes can make you more likely weigh the options when making a purchase, and go with the middle option instead of the extreme high or low.

This research falls into the fairly new area of research concerned with how physical sensations can impact one's decision making. Previous studies have considered warmth, weight, and hunger as the physical sensations, while this latest one looks at balance. To determine if balance had an impact, the researchers devised three different experiments: leaning back on a chair while shopping online; playing a Wii Fit game while answering questions about product choices; and standing on one foot while deciding on a printer purchase. Potentially being on a cruise ship or walking on ice would have a similar effect on decision making, as would wearing high-heels.

If nothing else, this study suggests that we should consider what is influencing our decisions, as seemingly disconnected things like our shoes could have an impact. It also makes me wonder about what happens when women go shopping for high-heeled shoes, and shoes in general. I would believe it if some of them are suffering from an altered decision-making capacity.

Source: Brigham Young University

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