High Temperature Capacitor Created

Guest_Jim_* - August 20, 2013 04:08PM in Science & Technology

One of the fundamental electronic components is the capacitor, which is capable of storing energy in an electrical field. Capacitors are needed for many electronics to operate properly including electric vehicles powered by batteries, but are typically unreliable at high temperatures. Researchers at the National Physical Laboratory however have developed a high temperature capacitor for such a situation, and more.

To find the capacitor, the researchers started with a range of materials that could potentially be used to make a high temperature capacitor. As the materials were tested, the better performing were further optimized, to determine which the best was. Ultimately the researchers created a ceramic capacitor based on doped-BiFeO3 (bismuth, iron, and oxygen). This capacitor is able to operate at roughly normal efficiency at over 200 ºC, which is much higher than any other capacitor on the market. The capacitor also has a higher energy density, allowing it to store more energy.

While electric-vehicle manufacturers are definitely going to be interested in the new capacitor, many other technologies could benefit from it. Wherever pulsed power is required, such as defibrillators, and or harsh environments exist that require electronics, such as in the oil and natural gas industry.

Source: National Physical Laboratory