Hardware Roundup: Friday Edition

bp9801 - August 9, 2013 08:26AM in Affiliate News

We have a couple of items for you to check out today, including one fairly unique review. If you've been thinking of stepping up to a monitor with a resolution above 1920x1080/1200 (based on recent forum topics, many people are), yet are unsure of what that means for gaming, then you're in luck. We have a review on how the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 compares against the AMD Radeon HD 7950, and how the GTX 780 does against the HD 7970, when the resolution is a massive 2560x1600. It's a good way to see just what kind of graphical fidelity you can expect, and be able to run, at such large resolutions. Our other review is on the audio side, as the Alienvibes EP02 Active Noise Canceling headphones get put to the test. ANC headphones can be a bit finicky, so read on to see how Alienvibes' version stacks up.

Video Cards
2560x1600: GeForce GTX 770-780 vs Radeon HD 7950-7970 @ Benchmark Reviews

Alienvibes EP02 Active Noise Canceling Headphones @ ThinkComputers