Micron Closes Acquisition of Elpida Memory

CheeseMan42 - August 1, 2013 01:53PM in General News

Micron Technology and Elpida Memory have announced the completion of the acquisition of Elpida by Micron, a process that began in July 2012. Through this acquisition Micron gains 100% of Elpida equity and 89% of outstanding shares in Rexchip Electronics Corporation. Assets included in the acquisition include a 300mm DRAM fabrication plant in Taiwan and an assembly and test facility in Akita, Japan resulting in a 45% increase in manufacturing capacity. Micron CEO Mark Durcan said, "We are pleased to bring together Elpida with Micron to form the industry’s leading pure-play memory company. This combination will result in enhanced R&D and manufacturing scale, significant cost and production synergies and a stronger memory product portfolio to provide solutions to our customers."

Source: Press Release