Enermax Adds Five New Case Fans

CheeseMan42 - July 29, 2013 05:42AM in Cooling

Enermax is adding five new fan models to two of its popular lines, the Twister series and the Vegas series. All of the new fans will use the patented Adjustable Peak Speed (APS) Control technology and are automatically regulated by pulse width modulation. The Twister series now features the Cluster Advance, Magma Advance, and Everest Advance, all of which have multiple RPM ranges and the Twister fan bearing. The Vegas series now has the T.B. Vegas Quad and the T.B. Vegas which each offer different lighting modes. The Vegas Quad has 48 LEDs in blue, red, green, and white and the other has 18 LEDs in blue, red, or white. Each fan gives users the choice of six different lighting modes.

Source: Press Release