ROCCAT Adds to Gaming Mouse Lineup

CheeseMan42 - July 29, 2013 05:26AM in Input Devices

ROCCAT is a company that is relatively new to the gaming peripheral market but it has been making a splash with several of its products. One of those, the Kone Pure mouse, now has an optical version. The Kone Pure Optical is 91% the size of its predecessor and it can be adjusted on the fly up to 4,000 DPI. CEO René Korte said, "The new sensor featured in the Kone Pure Optical is the successor to the sensor featured in the famous Savu mouse. The Savu drew praise from gamers and reviewers alike, who complimented the mouse for its accurate and reliable tracking." The company has also announced the availability of a Meteor Blue version of the Sense gaming mousepad.

Source: Press Release