Seagate Speeds Up Enterprise Hard Drives

CheeseMan42 - July 24, 2013 04:24PM in Storage / Hard Drives

Seagate has announced a new hard drive targeted at enterprise users that it claims is up to three times faster than 15K RPM drives in mission critical random access. The Enterprise Turbo SSHD combines features from traditional mechanical drives and solid state drives to create a best of both worlds. The drives are available in capacities up to 600GB and when compared to 10K RPM drives the Enterprise Turbo produced twice as many Input Output Operations per Second. Executive Vice President Rocky Pimentel said, "Typically the most demanding mission critical applications for 15K drives have improved performance by compromising on capacity and cost per GB. With the Enterprise Turbo SSHD, we deliver a no compromise drive that provides high-speed performance while enabling customers to leverage all of Turbo’s capacity."

Source: Business Wire