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Klei Turns to Turn-Based Tactical Espionage in its Next Game, Incognita

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Posted: 12:26PM

While indie developer Klei Entertainment has been releasing regular free updates for its most recent game, Don't Starve (including one coming out today), the studio has also been hard at work on its next game, which was officially announced earlier today. Incognita is a "turn-based tactical espionage" game, highly influenced by the XCOM franchise. Incognita is a huge departure from the studio's previous two games, Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve, a 2D stealth platformer and an open-world, top-down survival game, respectively. That being said, Klei co-founder Jamie Cheng told RPS that they're "taking all the learnings from Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja, and making something new with it." One of those Don't Starve influences is procedural generation, which will of course mean loads of replayability.

Details are very sparse at the moment, with only a single screenshot, but according to Cheng, information is power in Incognita – thus the espionage aspect of the game. This is the main differentiating factor between Incognita and XCOM, with him explaining that XCOM is "ten percent information gathering and 90 percent positioning." Whether we'll be commanding a squad like in XCOM, has not been divulged, though the screenshot does imply a three-person team – or maybe I'm just reading too much into it. Best of all, "PC is the primary platform," with a Windows version being the first, followed by a Mac version. Cheng also said that they hope to have a Linux version as well. Don't Starve is available for all three operating systems, so there is a history there. Klei is shooting for a late summer alpha launch. You can sign up at the official site to stay informed. Clicking on "Hello? Are you there?" at the bottom of the page brings you to a cipher to decode.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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