Futuremark to Release PCMark 8 for Mobile Platforms

Guest_Jim_* - June 25, 2013 08:36AM in Software

Earlier this year, Futuremark released 3DMark and PCMark 8, the latest in their respective lines of benchmarking software. The 3DMark benchmark series focuses on a computer's graphical performance, and with the rising graphics power of mobile devices, the company released an Android version, with iOS and Windows RT versions still in development. Now, thanks to the popularity of PCMark 8 Professional Edition Futuremark has decided to give its general computer benchmark the mobile treatment too.

Futuremark has announced it is working on versions of PCMark 8 for Android, iOS, and Windows RT. As is always its goal, the mobile PCMark 8 versions will attempt to stress the hardware as a normal day of operation would, and then quantify its performance and battery life.

To all of its benchmarks the best they can be, Futuremark has a Benchmark Development Program for technology companies to join. With the company's new interest in mobile hardware, it is opening the program to interested manufacturers of mobile hardware.

You can find OCC's reviews of the PC versions of 3DMark and PCMark 8 here: 3DMark Review; PCMark 8 Review.

Source: Futuremark