ECS KBN-I Motherboard for AMD Kabini Announced

CheeseMan42 - June 20, 2013 02:17PM in Motherboards

The KBN-I motherboard from ECS is the first from the company to offer compatibility with the latest AMD Kabini quad core system-on-a-chip. The processor is built using the 28nm Jaguar architecture. The KBN-I features a built-in AMD A6-5200 APU and AMD Radeon HD 8400 GPU, making this a potential choice for barebone systems. The Mini-ITX form factor also makes it a strong choice for HTPCs and other systems that thrive in small form factors. The board uses a maximum of 25W of power and uses a passive heatsink to keep the SoC running cool, while a number of back panel and internal connectors give this board several options for expansion.

Source: ECS