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AMD Debuts the First-Ever Processor Running at 5GHz

Category: CPU's
Posted: 09:03AM

During the processor wars from several years ago, speed was the name of the game. Then suddenly it became a battle for cores. Now, however, AMD is combining both of them as it just unveiled the first-ever processors running at 5GHz: the FX-9590. These new FX processors pack eight cores and are based on Piledriver, but the pure speed of the FX-9590 is something special. It's the first commercially available 5GHz processor, but from a company that broke the 1GHz mark in 2000, it's just another record in a long line of them. Initially, the AMD FX 9000 series will be available from system integrators (like MAINGEAR, iBuyPower, and the like) this summer, so you'll have to buy a PC already equipped with the FX-9590. Eventually it'll be available as a separate component later on, just AMD isn't ready to say when.

AMD is also launching the FX-9370, another eight-core model, but it comes in at a slightly more modest 4.7GHz. Both CPUs support Turbo Core 3.0 technology to improve and maximize performance for demanding tasks.

Source: Press Release

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WarWeeny on June 11, 2013 10:25AM
amd users, you better have burn heal
MarieFrance on June 12, 2013 02:08AM
As a freelance DCC artist with a limited budget, this all makes sens, since X79 chipset still comes with 4 useless SATA II ports. And PCI-e 3.0 doesn't make a big difference with 1 GPU, specially when it's a GTX TITAN. It may be just what I need to update from my Phenom II 1090T. Unless we get some descent new Mobos for the upcoming IvyBridge-e processors.

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