Hardware Roundup: Friday Edition

bp9801 - June 7, 2013 08:24AM in Affiliate News

The end of another week brings a few items for your viewing pleasure, starting with an overclocking review on the MSI N770 Lightning video card. It's a way to see just how high this already factory overclocked GTX 770 can go, and then compared to two other highly overclocked cards to test which one offers the best bang for the buck. We have an article describing various parts that would work out well in a Hackintosh build, so it's definitely something to check out and see how it's done. There's also a new podcast from the PC Perspective crew covering reviews and news from the week.

Video Cards
MSI N770 Lightning Overclocking @ [H]ardOCP

Hackintosh Performance Hardware Options @ Benchmark Reviews
Podcast #254 @ PC Perspective