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Respawn's Titanfall Leaked Ahead of Likely E3 Reveal; Arriving Spring 2014

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Posted: 03:08PM

It looks like Respawn Entertainment's big title got revealed a little early, as Game Informer jumped the gun when its July digital issue arrived ahead of E3. Called Titanfall, it's a first-person shooter coming next spring for the PC and Xbox One. An Xbox 360 version is also planned, however that isn't being developed at Respawn. The game is multiplayer-based, with a campaign multiplayer mode, a "traditional" multiplayer mode, and then a "one-player mode." Titanfall sees players controlling 24-foot tall mechs (the Titans) that are powerful killing machines, with speeds matching player movement in most other FPS titles. If you don't feel like using a Titan, then your character, aptly called Pilots, can fight on foot with their Titan following along behind under AI control.

The Pilots can be either male or female, and are kind of like superheroes in the sense they are very agile and can run along walls or multi jump. Pilots can take down Titans on their own by shooting the brain, however Pilots need to be cunning in order to survive. They can use a variety of weapons like a pistol, assault rifle, an Anti-Titan rocket launcher, and even a data knife to hack AI players to fight on your side. Yes, there are going to be AI players on each map that you'll be facing off against, most likely in the campaign multiplayer portion (and maybe the one-player mode). Its story sounds like it could be told more through background events, like Left 4 Dead, and there will be memorable single player moments mixed into the multiplayer side.

Titanfall is built on Valve's Source Engine, which enables 60FPS even on the Xbox One. Respawn is heavily modifying the Source Engine to better suit the needs of the game, and that should make for a visually stunning experience. I have high hopes for the game's multiplayer experience too, as Respawn (created by the Infinity Ward founders before being ousted by Activision) is planning to make it more welcoming than the likes of Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo. Average lifetime of a player is going to be a lot longer than those aforementioned titles, and the "gameplay loop" is going to be more accomodating for new players. That's certainly welcome news, especially if you're more of a casual multiplayer FPS fan.

Respawn offered a little insight into why Titanfall is coming out on the Xbox One and not the PS4, at least initially. The cloud computing aspect is apparently a big deal, with an unlimited number of dedicated servers for Respawn to offload "a few dozen AI" and physics calculations. At this stage, the developer isn't even making use of the Xbox One's 5GB allocation of its 8GB total for gaming. Given more time Respawn could use the 5GB total, but for now it isn't.

Expect more information on Titanfall to be revealed at Microsoft's E3 conference next week. For a little bit more info now, you can head over to the source below.

Source: NeoGAF

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