U2 Plus Laptop Cooler Unveiled by Cooler Master

Guest_Jim_* - June 4, 2013 08:00PM in Cooling

One useful aspect of desktops is that as hot as they get, you do not need to touch them, but this luxury does not always exist with laptops. To protect you from a hot laptop, many companies build laptop coolers, including Cooler Master, which has just revealed its NotePal U2 Plus, a new version of its U2 design.

The new cooler has several useful features including the ability to quickly reposition its two fans, to put air where it needs to be. It also has legs to elevate your laptop to a more ergonomic angle, while improving airflow. On both legs are cable management loops too, so you can get you cables out of your way. If you have to get and go, an elastic safety belt can hold your laptop to the U2 Plus's underside, protecting it from scuffs and scratches.

Source: Cooler Master