ROCCAT Celebrates the Five-Year Anniversary of Kone with the Kone Pure Color Series

bp9801 - May 28, 2013 07:55PM in Input Devices

ROCCAT has been gaining in popularity in the U.S., and earlier today it announced some new colors for the Kone Pure mouse. It's the five-year anniversary of the original Kone mouse, so these Kone Pure Color mice are limited editions available in Inferno Orange, Polar Blue, and Hellfire Red. All three feature the 8200DPI Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor, Omron switches, Easy-Shift[+], Easy-Aim, and ROCCAT Talk as the Kone Pure, just with a new coat of paint. The orange and blue mice feature a black top with the color on the sides, while the red mouse reverses that scheme for a particularly striking look. There's a Phantom White version of the Kone Pure planned as well (seen in the group picture), but ROCCAT says it and other limited edition products will be available later this year to celebrate the Kone's five-year anniversary.

The Inferno Orange, Polar Blue, and Hellfire Red Kone Pure Color mice are now available, but no price was mentioned.

Source: Press Release