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German Rail Road Company Employs Drones Against Graffiti

Category: General News
Posted: 09:07AM

The German national rail road company, Deutsche Bahn AG, is now fed up with all the graffiti that keeps getting painted on their trains despite preventive measures. Deutsche Bahn had its trains defaced about 14,000 times in 2012, which ended up costing the company close to $9.8 million in cleanup expenses.

Deutsche Bahn has a new trick up its sleeve though. A small army of drones will be on the lookout at large rail depots to hopefully record vandals in the act. The drones will be used during the night, which is when most of the crimes happen. The drones, however, should be up to the task, since they are almost completely silent and have sensitive infrared cameras installed. The drones can fly up to 150 meters vertically with a top speed of 53 km/h and have an uptime of 80 minutes. 

In 2010 it was made possible for Germans to opt out of Google's Street View feature, which ensured that the Germans' houses would be blurred out. Almost three percent used that option, which means that a total of 244,240 houses have been blurred. Google was also faced with a lawsuit in Germany recently. A woman felt that Google's Street View was violating her privacy rights, but the case was ruled in favor of Google, allowing them to take street level photographies. It is safe to say that the Germans value their privacy, with Deutsche Bahn needing to focus only on its rail depots to avoid any legal problems.

Source: CNET

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Guest comment
bajkan on May 28, 2013 10:57AM
I HATE those women with their privacy

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