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Qualcomm Sheds Some Light on Mirasol Displays

Category: Mobile
Posted: 01:23PM

Qualcomm has been showing off a new display type called a Mirasol display, which is based on the company's micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS). This technology will have a significant impact on smartphones and tablets, since it will use only about one sixth of the power required by LCD or OLED displays. This will improve battery life by a substantial amount, as displays are one of the most power hungry parts in a smartphone or a tablet. According to Qualcomm, the display will provide a "convergent display experience with paper-like readability in almost any ambient condition," which means that as long as there is some light around you, you should get a good, clear image. However, the technology only works when there is light present because the pixels making up the display works by reflecting light at specific wavelengths. That problem can potentially be avoided by implementing a LED-based solution into the display that can be turned on and off, thus making the display readable at night.

Engadget was able to get a shot of a smartphone and a smartwatch, both using a Mirasol display. The smartphone is sporting a 5.1 inch panel with an impressive 2560x1440 resolution, giving it a pixel per inch count of 577.

The biggest problem with this new technology is that it is still being developed and it will need a few more years in research and development before it will appear in consumer electronics, so for now you will have to make due with regular LCD or OLED displays.

Source: Engadget

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