Intel Announces New Generation of Atom Processors

Prunes - May 7, 2013 11:29AM in CPU's, Manufacturers

Intel has announced its new Silvermont architecture, which is going to improve the Atom line significantly. The new architecture will be based on Intel's 22 nm 3D Tri-Gate SoC, which is faster while using less power than the current generation. Intel claims that Silvermont will deliver up to three times more peak performance or about the same performance as the current generation using only 20% of the power. The new architecture allows for a new out-of-order execution engine, a multi-core and system fabric architecture that is scalable up to eight cores, new IA instructions, and improved power management capabilities, such as low power C states.

Intel foresees that these chips will be used in various applications, such as smartphones, microservers, tablets, entry level laptops, and network infrastructure. Release dates of some of the CPUs based on Silvermont have been announced:

The success of these chips are crucial for how well Intel will do in the growing mobile market. ARM has been dominating the market for quite a while, and other competitors are trying to get their market share as well. Intel needs to get some results soon, if it wants to have a say in the future of mobile computing.

Source: MaximumPC