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Resistive Memory More Curious than Previously Thought

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 08:48AM

For years researchers have been working on technologies to replace modern computer memory for greater speed and efficiency. One of these technologies is resistive memory, or ReRAM, which stores data as changes in electrical resistance, like how memristors store information. Researchers at Jülich Aachen Research Alliance however have discovered that the theories behind memristors cannot be applied to ReRAM, and such a discovery could greatly help ReRAM evolve.

Both memristors and ReRAM are able to store information by changing their internal electrical resistance, but memristors are, by definition, passive devices. What the researchers discovered is that ReRAM cannot be considered passive because it actually operates like a mini-battery. Batteries store energy by moving ions between electrodes, and within ReRAM, ions move from one electrode to another, thereby changing the resistance of the cell.

This discovery will have many implications on future research in resistive memory as now there is a better understanding of how they operate. Also this discovery could lead to some rather interesting uses of ReRAM, by tapping into its battery qualities.

Source: Jülich Aachen Research Alliance

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