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Two New Versions of the GTX Titan in the Works

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 09:49PM

According to reports, NVIDIA's GTX Titan card will soon be joined by two comrades. A beefier version and a slimmed down version are both rumored to be in the works.

The budget version called GTX Titan LE is expected to be released this summer. It'll feature 208 TMUs and 2,496 CUDA cores vs. 240 TMUs and 2,688 CUDA cores on the standard GTX Titan. The memory will also drop to 5GB of GDDR5. These reductions results in a lowering of power consumption though, which is expected to fall to around 180W compared to 206W that the standard Titan requires.

The beefier version is supposedly going to be called either GTX Titan II or GTX Titan Ultra. It'll increase the TMUs up to 256 and the amount of CUDA cores up to 2,880. The GPU used in Titan has exactly 2,880 CUDA cores available. That means NVIDIA would have to avoid any little defect or issue, which is something the company has yet to accomplish. The card will also receive a bump in clock speed, from 837MHz to 950MHz. These changes of course increase the power consumption and the TDP will go up to around 220W.

This is still a rumor and no release dates or prices has been announced, and it might be a controlled leak by NVIDIA to steal some of the spotlight from AMD's launch of the Radeon HD 7990, but wouldn't we all like to see what the GK110 is capable of when fully unlocked and pushed to the limit?

Source: Extreme Tech

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