Google Glass Powered by Android Operating System

EuroFight - April 19, 2013 03:47AM in Mobile

Larry Page, CEO of Google, has today confirmed that Google Glass devices will run a version of Google's own Android operating system. This follows the reveal of the technical specifications of Glass last week, and comes as one of many recent announcements regarding the Google Glass project. To aid programmers in developing apps for Google Glass, Google has made its own API, called Mirror, to allow programmers to write apps specifically for Google Glass devices.

Google has also started shipping out developer models of the Google Glass to enthusiasts and developers priced at $1,500, although Page said this does not reflect the pricing when the product reaches general release. The use of Android in the project raises a number of the existing arguments regarding Android fragmentation, due to the large variety of devices running the operating system. Page put a positive spin on the reality of fragmentation, explaining how it highlights the flexibility of the Android kernel.

Source: CNET