Purchase a NVIDIA GTX 660 or Better and Receive Metro: Last Light for Free

bp9801 - April 16, 2013 09:34PM in Video Cards

If you are or soon going to be in the market for a new video card, NVIDIA has an offer for you. NVIDIA announced earlier today that all purchased GeForce GTX 660 and higher video cards will include a copy of Metro: Last Light. Deep Silver and 4A Games' sequel to smash hit Metro 2033 arrives on May 14 in the U.S. and May 17 in Europe, so you'll need to wait a little bit before venturing back into the Russian post-apocalyptic landscape. Thanks to the NVIDIA Kepler technology, Metro: Last Light should look positively stunning on your new GTX 660 or better card. Anyone fortunate enough to get a GTX Titan should be in for an especially beautiful treat, but really, there isn't a wrong choice depending on your budget. Just try not to be too scared while exploring the deadly yet stunning environments in Metro.