OCC Loses a Staff Member: RIP Nemo

bp9801 - April 8, 2013 07:28PM in OCC News

Just over three years ago, OCC said goodbye to Senior Staff member Ryan, known as Verran in the OCC forums. Today we say goodbye to another Senior Staff member; Dale Shuck known as Nemo.

Dale arrived at OCC in May 2004 and joined the OCC staff as a News Editor in December 2006. It didn't take long for Dale to take over as the Senior News Editor where he remained until his passing. Besides his news duties, he did reviews on NAS boxes and always handled our newsletter. He even took over all of the hiring and training of all the news staff because he felt I had too much on my plate. 

Dale was a guy that was full of knowledge and would always want to help. His dedication to make sure the Hardware Roundups were done before he left for work every morning was so amazing to me. He would share his knowledge anytime you needed it, and boy did he love to joke and poke fun with all of the OCC wives and girls. Dale was famous for being a smartass but he was also known for being a great person, full of life and always wanting to help. He was also known to us as a loving father who adored his four children. 

One funny story I will always remember was two years ago talking on the phone with him for three hours going over info about RAID. I was in the process of building a NAS unit and wanted his advice. All through the thunder, lightning, and tornado sirens he told me all of the info I needed to know. I think I was more scared about the tornado than he was, ha-ha. I remember asking him, "don't you have to get off the phone and hide or something?" His reply, "don't worry if I see it I will let you know and say goodbye." That was Dale for ya, lol.

Dale gave me a lot of personal support when Ryan passed away. Dale was very fond of Ryan and I would hope now that both of them will be reunited once again and watch over the rest of OCC until we are all brought back together once again.

Dale had a massive stroke Sunday morning and was declared legally dead this afternoon. Dale signed up as an organ donor and wanted to help people after he was gone. My hat goes out to you for that Dale, and it shows what kind of a person you truly were.

Dale: thank you for everything you did. It was a pleasure knowing you, and there won't be a day that goes by that I will not miss you, my friend. You were very unique and one of the smartest people I ever met and it's a damn shame you were taken from us so soon.

RIP my friend. Until we meet again, I will always remember you and think of you often. Say Hi to Ryan for me when you get there.

Your Friend, 


OCC Editor In Chief



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