Cooler Master Introduces Zombie Power Series

bp9801 - April 1, 2013 08:49PM in Power Supplies

Zombies have been a major player across all forms of media for quite some time, but the one place they haven't turned up is power supplies. Until now. Cooler Master has recently unveiled its latest line of power supplies in the form of the Zombie Power Series. Now, the Zombie Power Series isn't your typical, run-of-the-mill PSU that dies after years of faithful service. Oh no, the Zombie PSUs keep on running and running, with a lifespan well beyond normal human years. Cooler Master has found a way to bless curse these power supplies with unnaturally long life, as the mean time between failures is "forever." There's no chance to outrun these zombies, but luckily they can power your PC until you join them.

Each Cooler Master Zombie PSU features 750 watts of power, with a maximum output capacity of 1800 watts. Efficiency is at an impressive 120% with these undead beauties, so feel free to run every component possible. Oh, and just be sure to keep the undead at bay during those intense game sessions.

Source: Cooler Master