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Bank Cards that Know Your Handwriting

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 01:56PM

Every time you use a credit or bank card to make a purchase, several security mechanisms are also used to ensure that it is you who are using the card. Of course these security measures can and have been overcome, so researchers are constantly looking for ways to improve security and more tightly link a card to its proper holder. Those at Fraunhofer IGD have recently designed a new security system they believe does just that.

One of the big things in modern security methods is biometrics, as the characteristics being identified are often unique to an individual. When hearing the word 'biometrics,' some people may only think of fingerprints or retinal scans, but they include more than that, such as signature dynamics. Every time you sign your name, information about how you write is also put on paper, and it is that information which the researchers are taking advantage of by programming it into a chip on the card. This way even if someone can match the shape of your signature, your identity is still secure because only you write the way you do.

Impressively the researchers have achieved this within current security standards for credit and bank cards, which means that any card can utilize the technology. Also, because it is a chip on the card that analyzes your signature, there is no fear of an external device lifting data needed to beat the system.

Source: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

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