AMD Elite A-Series APUs Available Soon

EuroFight - March 12, 2013 11:03AM in CPU's

AMD has today announced the release of its long awaited 'Richland' Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), now called the AMD Elite A-Series APUs. These chips boast up to four traditional CPU cores as well as an integrated GPU based on AMD's upcoming HD8000 series of graphics chips. The chips are designed for use in mid to high-end notebooks, and will begin appearing in stores soon. Low-voltage versions of these APUs are expected to become available later this year.

The improved Richland APU is claimed to outperform mobile Intel Core i7 chips in both straight-out performance and graphical rendering. If this claim transfers into real-world applications, Intel may need to rapidly rethink their mobile CPU line, which is often much more expensive than its AMD counterparts. The AMD A4-5150M and A6-6350M are both dual-core chips, while the A8-5550M and A10-5750M are quad-core chips with improved graphics processors. The chips were first shipped to vendors in December, however no products boasting the chips have yet been released.