3.5-inch Desktop Hybrid Drive Added to Seagate Range

EuroFight - March 5, 2013 10:40AM in Storage / Hard Drives

On Monday, Seagate released its first 3.5" desktop hard disk featuring its hybrid drive technology. The drive combines NAND flash technology commonly used in SSDs with traditional magnetic disks to enable higher capacity drives that still provide a performance boost over standard hard disks. This also gives consumers faster disk access times, often comparable to full SSDs, while maintaining a low cost-per-megabyte.

This release is part of Seagate's recent refresh of its hard disk line, in which it also announced it will cease production of traditional 2.5" hard disks, in order to focus on hybrid drive technology. The introduction of the new 3.5" hybrid drive, in conjunction with the retirement of the 2.5" hard drive line may signify the beginning of an industry-wide transition towards hybrid SSD technology.

Source: PCWorld.com