Intel Breaks Into ARM Territory With 7-Inch Asus Tablet

EuroFight - February 28, 2013 11:15AM in Mobile

Intel has finally broken into the low-cost Android tablet market with the debut of a 7-inch tablet running an Intel Atom Z2420 processor. The tablet is designed by Asus and is priced at a modest $249. It features 3G data and voice connectivity, as well as boasting a 1280x800 screen and nine hours of battery life. The tablet's closest ARM competitor is the HP Slate 7, a 7-inch tablet with a dual-core processor and six hours battery life, but no 3G connectivity which is available for $169.

The Asus tablet is one of the first mobile devices to feature a Lexington chip from Intel's low-cost Clover Trail series of processors. Intel hopes this series will help it gain some of the mobile market share currently dominated by the likes of ARM-based devices.