Enermax Launches Triathlor Power Supply

CheeseMan42 - February 24, 2013 07:16AM in Power Supplies

Enermax has announced the successor to its popular Modu82+ power supply line, the Triahtlor FC. Enermax chose to focus on creating a PSU that will be viable for years without the need to include any flashy extras, a solid black exterior holds extremely reliable components. The inclusion of special DC-to-DC technology improves voltage regulation and reduces energy loss, and also provides for better air circulation due to using less PCB space. A 120mm fan that spins from 500 to 900 RPM provides silent cooling and a modular cable design allows users to use only the cables they need. A 550W model will be available for $109.99 and a 650W unit will cost $119.99