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1D and 2D Nanostructures Combined

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 05:40PM

It can be surprising just how useful a pointed stick can be as people use them to cook and hold food, collect receipts on, and more. Nanowires are something of the equivalent to a stick with their one dimensional structure and numerous abilities. Now researchers at North Carolina State University have found a way to form 2D sheets on 1D nanowire, similar to stuck receipts, but with potentially useful electric properties.

To create this compound structure, the researchers started with a germanium sulfide (GeS) nanowire and exposed it to air. This caused nucleation sites to form on the wire due to weak oxidation and when the wire was exposed to a GeS vapor, those sites served as the seed for the nanosheets to grow from. As GeS is a semiconductor, the researchers are looking at this heterostructure for a variety of technologies, including sensors and potentially supercapacitors.

Importantly the method of production is inexpensive and can be scaled up for industry, but with luck it will not just be GeS structures made this way. The researchers are hoping they will be able to replicate this structure with molybdenum sulfide (MoS2) which has better electronic properties than GeS.

Source: North Carolina State University

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