NZXT Announces FZ-200 Series Case Fans

bp9801 - February 19, 2013 05:23PM in Cooling

NZXT is no stranger to the PC community, and today there's a new product to help keep your system running cool. The new FZ-200 fan comes in at a whopping 200mm with 103CFM, which is perfect for anyone desiring lower temperatures. It operates between 500 and 900RPM with a decibel rating of a mere 20, so noise certainly won't be an issue. NZXT says the new FZ-200 can provide double or even triple the airflow of 120mm fans, especially when you factor in how quiet the 200mm one will be. It comes in a version with LEDs (red, blue, green, white, and orange) and one without, so everyone should be able to find something suitable for their system.

The NZXT FZ-200 is available today, with the LED versions coming in at $20.99 and the non-LED one at $17.99.