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Corsair Acquires Simple Audio, Maker of Networked Audio Devices

Category: General News
Posted: 07:24PM

Corsair has branched out far and wide from its memory line, with cases, CPU coolers, power supplies, peripherals, and more making up its catalog. The company already has some audio gear, but now it looks like even more is going to join the party. Corsair recently announced it has acquired Simple Audio, which specializes in networked audio devices. Now, if you haven't heard of Simple Audio, don't fret. It's a relatively new company based in Glasgow, Scotland, and launched its first product last year: the Roomplayer. The Roomplayer allows for PCs, Macs, and iOS devices to stream audio to a home theater system over WiFi, Ethernet, or power-line networking. It supports 24-bit audio in a multitude of formats (including FLAC), comes with or without a built-in amplifier, and can work with dedicated software on the aforementioned products.

So, Corsair's intentions are to bring the Roomplayer and all future products into the fold, right? Well, not exactly, as Corsair instead wants Simple Audio to expand its name with music aficionados around the world and further develop its products. Simple Audio's founder and CEO, Peter Murphy, wants to bring its products to the United States and Asia later this year, which the investment from Corsair will undoubtedly help with. Hopefully it won't be long before that can happen, as the Roomplayer looks like a very sweet product if you can afford its £499 starting price.

Source: Tech Report

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