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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Homesick

Category: Gaming
Posted: 03:52PM

Homesick is a first-person adventure game set within an abandoned building. You're a caretaker of sorts, but who you are and why are a mystery, unlocked as you play. In addition to exploring the building and solving puzzles to unlock new areas of the building, when you sleep, you're plagued by nightmares. A look at the trailers portray a game that's both serene in one moment and frightening and frantic the next.

Homesick is inspired by games like Monkey Island, The Dig, and Myst. Developer Lucky Pause not only promises puzzles that "are hard, yet fair and sensible," but also multiple ways to solve puzzles and optional side puzzles that expand the story even more. The gameplay differs in the day time world and nightmare world, while solving puzzles in one world affects the other. You'll even acquire new abilities along the way to unlock puzzles, though details are sparse.

Though it would be nice to know more about the gameplay, what really stands out is the 3D world Lucky Pause has created. For those that debate whether games can be considered art need look no further. The building you explore may be abandoned, but the detailed decor brings it to life. In addition to the art, the game also features an original soundtrack by an artist named Joy Autumn.

If you're interested in Homesick, aside from simply voting Yes on Greenlight, roughly eight days remain on its already successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. In fact, two of the stretch goals have already been reached - more puzzles and story, including a roof level, as well as Oculus Rift support. If the last stretch goal of $22,000 is reached, a prequel game will be developed that will be unlocked after beating the main game.

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