Ouya Android Games Console to be Released in June

EuroFight - February 5, 2013 11:47AM in Gaming

The eagerly anticipated Ouya games console is set for release in June, according to a Wall Street Journal interview with CEO Julie Uhrman. The console, originally conceived in early 2012, smashed through its target during its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstater in July last year. The device will cost $99, and will be available for purchase on a number of online stores including Amazon.com, BestBuy, GameStop, and Target.

The device will have a 'large suite' of launch titles, however it is not currently known how many will be ports of older titles. The device will launch in June in the US, however there is currently no word on an EU or worldwide release. Gamers outside the US who want to order the console should be able to order it through Kickstater as international pre-orders were permitted under the original Kickstarter.

Source: KitGuru.net