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REDengine 3 Unveiled by CD Projekt RED - Screenshot Features Amazing Detail

Category: Gaming
Posted: 03:27PM

CD Projekt RED, maker of The Witcher games and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, likes giving the best possible experiences to the PC community. Both Witcher games look impressive, with The Witcher 2 pushing the limits of what modern hardware can do. There's no doubt Cyberpunk 2077 will do the same, especially since CD Projekt just unveiled its new REDengine 3 that is powering the game. REDengine 3 is the next version of CD Projekt's in-house game engine, with the first one powering The Witcher 2 for PC and the second running the game on the 360. The third version is "created for RPGs set in vast open-worlds with improved tools for spanning truly nonlinear stories that are based on real player choices and consequences."

Adam Badowski, head of CD Projekt RED studio, had the following to say on the new engine:

If we look at RPGs nowadays we find two approaches, one which emphasizes the story but limits the game world and one that builds a vast open-world but hampers and simplifies the story. With the REDengine 3 we combine the positive aspects of both approaches for the first time, creating an open environment with a complex, multi-thread story. Together with believable characters, a captivating tale and a world where players can roam freely without loading times, we will be able to move gaming to a new level with a realistic feel and full player immersion. When working on our previous titles, I didn’t dream that we would achieve something like this. Thanks to the support of all our fans, now we have the possibility to use REDengine 3 and create something many RPG fans dream of.

CD Projekt's goal is to make RPGs comparable to "top-shelf shooters" in terms of presentation and immersion, if not better. REDengine 3 is next-gen ready and blurs the line between pre-rendered CGI and rendered graphics, so there should be almost no visual gap between the two. There are new face and body animations for a realistic range of expressions, high dynamic range rendering with 64-bit precision to guarantee "superior picture quality with more realistic and precise lighting without losses derived from reduced contrast ratio," and plenty more.

A flexible renderer provides for a variety of effects like bokeh depth of field, color grading, and lens flares, while a high performance terrain system lets multiple layers be blended together and take advantage of tessellation for the utmost detail. Animation and physics can be seamlessly mixed together, too. There's plenty more CD Projekt isn't telling us about REDengine 3, but it did say a new version of its REDkit editor will allow for pretty much anything a modder can dream of, even complex questlines.

The studio really sounds like it went above and beyond with REDengine 3, and hopefully it won't be long before Cyberpunk 2077 is in our hands to check it out in full. There's also a chance The Witcher 3 gets revealed in the next several days, since it's long been known CD Projekt has a second game in development alongside Cyberpunk 2077. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the REDengine 3 screenshot below.

Source: All Games Beta

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