Day One: Garry's Incident Gets a Kickstarter

ClayMeow - February 1, 2013 01:17PM in Gaming

If you follow my weekly Steam Greenlight Spotlight column, you may remember my Week 3 Spotlight back in September for Day One: Garry's Incident. If you don't remember (and are too lazy to click the link), Day One is an episodic, open-world, survival FPS that tasks you with crafting your own weapons and ammunition, searching for food and shelter, and avoiding traps left behind by an ancient lost civilization. Earlier in the week, developer Wild Games Studio launched a Kickstarter to help fund the last bit of development and polish needed to finish up the first episode. Pledging $10 or more gets you a digital copy of Episode 1, either through the studio's digital store GamerZ Rebellion (DRM-free) or through Steam, when the game is greenlit. According to Wild Games Studio, Day One currently ranks 16th on Steam Greenlight, so that day should be soon.

Source: Kickstarter