Apple Introduces 128GB iPad for $799

bp9801 - January 29, 2013 07:20PM in Gadgets

Rumors began to rumble yesterday about a larger Apple iPad, and, perhaps not so surprisingly, that is exactly the case. Apple has introduced a 128GB version of its fourth-generation iPad today that is due to arrive on Feburary 5. It'll come in black or white and with or without a 4G LTE, but you may want to hold off on grabbing that credit card just yet. This large capacity iPad comes in at $799 for the WiFi model or $929 for the 4G LTE model. That high price buys you double the storage of what was previously available, and is Apple's answer to developers wanting more space for apps. Autodesk's AutoCAD WS app is just one example, as the large and extremely detailed files were pushing the limits of current iPads. Now that shouldn't be much of an issue, especially if the iPad is serving as a laptop replacement.

Source: Ars Technica