Intel Haswell Processors Launch June 2nd

EuroFight - January 22, 2013 01:17PM in CPU's

According to a DigiTimes report, Intel is planning to host a conference ahead of Computex 2013, held in June where it will announce its upcoming Haswell series of processors. The new processors will be made available from June 2nd, with vendors showcasing their Haswell-based products at Computex. These processors are expected to account for 14-16% of Intel's processor shipments during Q3.

Haswell is the successor to the Ivy Bridge architecture currently applied in Intel Core 3XXX processors, and will make up all Core 4XXX processors, except high-end Ivy Bridge i7 Extreme processors. The launch of Haswell is anticipated by much of the PC market, and will feature a new microarchitecture which allows new chips to be introduced, such as the low power Haswell Y series